In Taiwan, the Dationg apps Tinder and Pairs are experiencing a massive surge in popularity!


In Taiwan, mobile Dating apps like Tinder and Pairs are currently all the rage!

Pairs, originally a Japanese app, has recently launched its Taiwan version, leading to a rapid increase in downloads among the age group that uses mobile phones in Taiwan. It’s particularly popular among those in their 30s who are considering marriage. Many men started using Pairs after seeing ads on Facebook, and the fact that men have to pay a monthly fee shows their seriousness about marriage.

Tinder, on the other hand, is widely used by foreigners as a matchmaking app overseas. It allows users to send messages for free to matches, making it easy to use for casual encounters, making friends, or even serious relationships.

While it may have originated abroad, Tinder is gaining popularity in Taiwan. Unlike its usage abroad, where it’s often associated with one-night stands, in Taiwan, people use matchmaking apps for genuine reasons, such as expanding their social circle.

I tried both apps myself. While I faced some difficulties with ID verification on Pairs and couldn’t send messages to matches, I successfully matched with someone on Tinder. Meeting in person, I found them to be sincere, and the experience was pleasant.

Tinder is linked to Facebook, so you can see the match’s age, occupation, and any mutual friends, which can provide reassurance before meeting. Additionally, Tinder has many users who are part of the “ABC” community—people with Taiwanese roots who grew up in America and often speak fluent Chinese and English. They are professionals working in Taiwan or internationally. Meeting them might even help improve your language skills!

When visiting Taiwan, many Japanese and foreign travelers are using Tinder to connect with locals and make new friends. Taiwanese people are friendly, making it easy to expand your circle of friends.

However, remember to be cautious when interacting with strangers online. While making new friends is exciting, it’s essential to observe and ensure your safety. Enjoy meeting new people and expanding your network while in Taiwan!