Japanese popular models such as Rina Fujii and Akemi Darenogare will appear at an event in Taiwan!

On Saturday, May 7th, a fashion show, marking the inaugural event of the “ASIA FASHION AWARD” aimed at the Asian market, was held at the rooftop event space of the lounge bar “FRANK Taipei” located on the 11th floor of the comprehensive fashion building ATT4Fun in Taipei City.

Following this event, the ASIA FASHION AWARD aims to expand its presence not only in Taipei but also across Asia. It is anticipated how “kawaii” from Japan will be promoted in Asia and how fashion events will be integrated and expanded in the future. The event was organized by beachwalkers, known for their film and television productions in Asia, W Media, which has organized numerous fashion shows in Japan, and a local event company in Taiwan. Notable figures from Japan such as Mika Ninagawa and Genking, along with local Taiwanese media and invited guests, participated in the event.

Popular models from Japan, including the renowned Rina Fujii, Akemi Darenogare, and the prominent Taiwanese model Reina Ikehashi, along with local favorite Jill Chiu (邱馨慧), graced the event with their presence.