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台湾には仕事、恋愛、縁結びの神様がいっぱい!パワースポットパラダイス☆霞海城隍廟 おすすめ No.1、行天宮 おすすめ No.2、龍山寺 おすすめ No.3をご紹介❕台湾のお寺で楽しめる、ユニークなおみくじとお清め体験も!
台湾には仕事、恋愛、縁結びの神様がいっぱい!パワースポットパラダイス☆霞海城隍廟 おすすめ No.1、行天宮 おすすめ No.2、龍山寺 おすすめ No.3をご紹介❕台湾のお寺で楽しめる、ユニークなおみくじとお清め体験も!

Taiwan's Abundance of Deities for Work, Love, and Relationships! Explore a Power Spot Paradise ☆


Top Pick No.1: Xiahai City God Temple [霞海城隍廟]

At Xiahai City God Temple, home to the matchmaking deity Yue Lao
  • Location:
    No. 61, Section 1, Dihua Street, Taipei City
  • Phone: (02)2558-0346
  • Hours: Open daily from 6:16 AM to 7:47 PM
    Open year-round
霞海城隍廟 The Xiahai City God Temple (Sha Hai Jong Fan Miao) is a renowned and popular temple, particularly among young women in Taipei who aspire to get married, as it is believed to increase their chances of finding a spouse. This temple attracts thousands of visitors on special occasions such as the birthday of 月下老人 Yue Lao (the Matchmaking Deity), the Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋節), and the first day of the Lunar New Year(旧正月), all due to its reputed blessings. Visitors are given charm bags for matchmaking upon praying, which contain red threads and lead coins.

Top Pick No.2: Xingtian Temple [行天宮]

The Xingtian Temple, home to the God of Prosperity, Guan Gong [行天宮​]
  • Location:
    No. 109, Section 2, Minquan East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City
  • Phone: (02)2502-7924
  • Hours: 4:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Gyoten Temple(行天宮) is a revered temple where Guan Yu(関羽), known from the Three Kingdoms period, is enshrined. Guan Yu(関羽) is highly respected in Taiwan as the god of business due to his achievements.

Top Pick No.3: Longshan Temple [龍山寺]

All Gods Gather! Taipei's Oldest Temple, Longshan Temple (龍山寺)

すべての神様が大集合! 台北最古のお寺 龍山寺

This temple is trusted by locals to fulfill a variety of wishes, from matchmaking to success in business. Particularly at ‘Yuèlǎotīng’ (月老聽), where the Matchmaking Deity, Yuèxiàolǎorén (月下老人), is enshrined, visitors can receive the sacred red thread.

"Experience Unique Fortune-telling and Purification Rituals at Temples in Taiwan!"

“Experience the Traditional Taiwanese Fortune-telling Method of ‘Casting Bamboo Lots’ (擲茭 – Zhì Jiāo)!

This ancient divination practice involves throwing red-painted moon-shaped wooden pieces with heartfelt wishes.

The results of the divination come in three forms after casting.”

表×表(陰杯) ×
裏×裏(笑杯) ×
表×裏(聖杯) OK!

“Results of Casting Bamboo Lots (擲茭 – Zhì Jiāo): When ‘Yin Cup’ (陰杯) or ‘Smile Cup’ (笑杯) appear, it signifies ‘No ✘,’ indicating that wishes or expectations may not come true. Conversely, when the ‘Holy Grail’ (聖杯) appears, it signifies ‘OK ◎,’ indicating that the wish will be fulfilled, carrying a highly auspicious meaning.”

In Taiwanese culture, the traditional divination method known as ‘Casting Bamboo Lots’ (擲茭 – Zhì Jiāo) is often referred to as ‘Shenpo’ei (聖杯),’ due to its resemblance to the Holy Grail.

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